New article "Viennese sweets"

Before Easter holidays we release new article "Viennese sweets" in packages of 240 gr., which you could already find in the shop and at the distributors.

Welcome to our renovated shop

Over the past weekend we have expanded and refurbished the equipment in our store to make your shopping more comfortable. We have changed the refrigerated showcases and shelfs and rearranged everything so that we keep the products in perfect condition and so you could find easier what you are looking for. Welcome!

New articles "Roll Fantasy" and "Florentine"

From today the diversity of products is complemented with Roll "Fantasy" and Florentine in packages of 230 and 250 gr. respectively.

Interview with Veneta Beleva

Interview with Veneta Beleva was published in the article "There's flour, but its costly" (translation) of "New Life" newspaper.

New article "Mini biscotti"

The new article "Mini biscotti" from 220 g. is supplementing the variety of offered commodities.

New article "Walnut sweets"

Due to interest on the market "Walnut sweets" or otherwise "macaroons" is the next new article in the assortment.

New articles "Balaki with chocolate" and "Chocolate surprise"

Two new articles with chocolate are offered since today - Balaki with chocolate in packages of 160 g and Chocolate surprise in packages of 200 g.